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Read each row across, click on the row that best describes you.

From allowance to curfew, I'm good at negotiating my way.

Numbers are cool
to work with.

I enjoy and get good grades in math.

I like working on projects with people.

I am happiest when I'm organized.

I can sell anything to anybody.

I admire Warren Buffet (Successful Investor)

I like to sketch out new ideas.

I am a good writer.

Imagining solutions to complex problems comes easily to me. 

I've invented all sorts of cool things even if only in my imagination.

I enjoy and get good grades in more creative classes.

I admire Walt Disney

I like to fix things.

I enjoy and get good grades in industrial technology classes.

I'd be bored sitting at a desk all day. I want a more active job.

I like working with tools.

Give me tools and a few random materials to build with and I'm happy.

In order to understand something, I need to get my hands on it.

I admire Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs)

Mixing up chemicals into new solutions sounds fun. 

I like conducting experiments.

I'm interested in the environment and keeping people healthy.

Technology is fascinating to me.

I'm pretty logical in my thinking. I like to carefully test out my ideas.

I enjoy and get good grades in science.

I admire Stephen Hawking (Famous Scientist)

I'm the kind of person that others come to for advice.

I like meeting new people.

I am able to explain confusing stuff to people.

People feel safe with me.

My ears are as big as my mouth; I am a good listener.

I enjoy planning events and going to events.

Speaking in front of groups of people does not bother me.

I admire Ellen DeGeneres (TV Host)

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